Source: NT Fire Incidents

Hopewell Road, BERRY SPRINGS
Notified: 13/09/2019 14:52:00

Fire Type
Hopewell Road, BERRY SPRINGS
Current Situation
Response Underway
Alert Level
Watch and Act
Active fire may occur close to the roadside; A bushfire is running or contained under very high to extreme weather conditions; Firefighting crews may be working close to the roadside; The risk of loss of life or threat to properties is almost certain or has occurred; Bushfires NT is primarily undertaking defensive strategies to protect lives and property; Smoke from this fire may affect visibility
Advice to the Public
For the safety of firefighting crews and other vehicles, drivers in the area are urged to slow down, turn on headlights and drive safely for the conditions. For further information regarding bushfires, visit Secure NT.
Responsible Agency
Bushfires NT

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Bushfires NT