Source: Tasmania Fire Service

Issued At: 31/10/2019 2:52pm

There is a bushfire at Black Snake Shacks (south of Interlaken Road).

The fire will put Black Snake Shacks (south of Interlaken Road) at very high risk now. Specfically in the area between Soldiers Creek and Black Snake Creek.

This fire will be uncontrollable.

Burning embers, falling on Black Snake Shacks (south of Interlaken Road) will threaten your home before the main fire.

Smoke and ash will make it difficult to see and breathe.

What to do:

If your home is well prepared for very high risk fires and you can actively defend it, it should provide shelter.

If your home is unprepared go to a safer location now only if the path is clear.

There is no Evacuation Centre at present.

There is no nearby safer place at present.

If your family has made a bushfire survival plan, use it now.

If you don't live near Black Snake Shacks (south of Interlaken Road), stay away.

Listen to ABC Local Radio or look at for more information.

Incident number: 19032391
Community Information:
For information on current road closures, please visit the Tasmania Police website:

People with medical conditions are advised to have a personal plan to manage the risks of smoky days.

Advice is available from the Department of Health or the Asthma Foundation of Tasmanian

Type: Vegetation Fire
Last Updated: 31-Oct-2019 02:52 PM
First Reported: 29-Oct-2019 05:13 PM
Location: Dennistoun Road, Bothwell
Status: Going
Agency: Tasmania Fire Service
Size: 85 hectares

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