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A prospective new client has called looking for cover while they are looking down the barrel of a Severe Weather event... you see their address is in a region which is currently experiencing Severe Weather - the question is, do you insure them or not?

Just because there's bad weather in the region, doesn't mean you shouldn't get their business - what you need is detailed, accurate information to help you determine the risk.

Using EWN's Embargo tool, you can determine down to the street\house level whether or not it's safe to insure a new client who's ringing for that "just in time" insurance cover.


EWN can help you make the right decision to optimise your opportunities and minimise your risk. Find out whether it's safe to write that policy, or view the information needed to avoid a costly mistake...

Simply input the prospective address and we will cross check that location against any current alert areas to see if that address is going to be affected - it's that easy...


Image showing an example of alert polygons for a SE QLD event. To see an example of the list of current areas affected by insurance embargos, try our EWN Insurance Embargo Areas Live Demo for an example of the location data our system automatically outputs for each alert area issued.

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